Saturday, October 29, 2011

f|back (oct '10): got cow?

MOO-ME! ... @craigyferg @geofftherobot am heading down from SF bay area to see the halloween day taping of the late late show with craig ferguson as part of my 48th halloween birthday gifts to myself!!! (or thirty-eighteenth, as a friend suggested) i am VERY excited - to see the show, though not so much about the drive a bunch of hours yet it is well worth it. totally hoping to touch meet craig ferguson and geoff ... and maybe even secretariat. i will later pull together the little lists a few friends have for the top 7 reasons why i should meet craig ferguson in the intro portion of the show. (7? yes, seven, because it's a prime number.) meanwhile, about that costume i'll have on somehow under my real clothes ...

DIY cow costume resurrected ... as i've done so for some past halloweens, the cow is coming back out of the pasture and will be distributing its methane molecules - via burping or pooping. i'll have to figure out how NOT to be in costume while i'm in costume per the audience rule thing.
(image from s. colbert's 2010 keep fear alive)
(oh, and maybe with a little bit of ammonia, but i still have to get those pom-poms glued molecules together.) i'll have some methane molecules to give away while standing in line and a few extra udders (three to be exact) to tug on!

and just to rehash - here is a bit about the cow costume history - a repost of part of a flashback post from 10/15/2010. in other words, i cut and paste shit i have posted before.

(repost from 11/02/08)
halloween '08 cow costume repurposed ...

... for an enviro theme.
(what else, eh?!)

"burp-utot-cow" persona ... had the dmv allowed a nice standard headshot (or maybe a costume-shot) ... my license would have be more fun. (side note: halloween = birthday)
CH4 methane molecules ... as fashioned by 1 black pom-pom with 4 white pom-poms and SEVERAL of them glued to white pipe cleaners just spewing from my "BURP" ...

"thirsty meg" (or maybe "lonely meg"?) ... l.a.g., dolled up as family guy's meg, was at first somewhat gentle, until she got a bit greedy.

and if you can't quite see them ... there are dingleberries with some methane molecules, also. (they look like little humps on the lower back.) here they are - hiding at night.
geek cow.

(repost from 10/31/08)
it COULD happen once a year ...
... if you don't pay attention to the little date above the little picture of your head. your driver license may be expired (or soon to expire - like really, really soon).

turns out ... my driver license expires today. (i discovered that unintentionally this past wednesday night at dinner.) that means, i'm celebrating a b-day ... this morning ... at the dmv ... in a machine+hand sewn cow costume (which has seen better days) that i swore i'd retire.

cow costume history ... goes like this ...
  • 1st time out = cow
  • 2nd time out = cow with more fancy cow stuff (a cow bell)
  • 3rd time out = "holy cow" ... cow with big glow-in-the-dark cross (no, not flames), a makeshift priest's collar, a rosary, a scapula, and at some point, a make shift halo. (i had a tiny bible, but without pockets (note to self - make at least one pocket), the bible was set aside). and yes, this was stuff worn at the same time.
  • 4th time out = "mad cow" ... a machine+hand sewn make-shift straight-jacket and those glasses with the crazy eyes hanging off of metal springs (another note to self - make an "escape" hole for each of your arms. turns out you can't eat dinner with your arms wrapped around toward your back. in fact, you can't do much drinking or anything else.)
... and THEN there was a hiatus, UNTIL NOW. hopefully someone will have a camera at work (yes, not only will i be in costume at the dmv this morn, i'll be in costume at work.) i am going to try to pull off ...

"renewable resource energy" cow
"bovine methane generator"

(yeah ... we'll see if the idea can be pulled off.

HINT: the carbon molecule is represented by a black pom-pom.
the hydroden molecule is represented by a white pom-pom.
and micheal's (the arts-crafts store) has my money. )

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