Friday, October 7, 2011

f|back (oct '07): i'm here

four year's ago ... @jenimvt and @billn6 welcomed me to their vermont home. in fact, this is when my soul sister love affair with harold's gal began, and a fabulous friendship was borne. shortly after starting in cubeopolis, i took my already-planned vacation to visit my friends in massachusetts and vermont. my plan? not much, really. just wanted to head east. this mini-vacation was my east coast virgin leaf-peeping experience, along with many other perks.

miss you all - xoxo -
jen, bill, junior, and senior!

(repost from 10/06/2007)
gonna see some colors
and drive around.

got my triple a maps + tourbook. got rental car. got airline tix. got credit cards. fly in to bradley int'l (ct), stay with friend in northampton (ma) for a couple of days, haul it up to somewhere in (vt) for a couple of days with billn + family & bop around wherever, then back down to (ma) before returning to (ca).

small tragic realization this morning? ... and i realized i left lennie (my iPod) at work. sh**!

solution? ... buy foliage (lennie's iPod nano buddy - video baby!) along with a little case and power adapter. can NOT be without m'music.

[thanks, andy f, for the apple gift card last christmas.
continued to go to great use!]

(repost from 10/10/2007)
... just like i said i would be.
it's all about

(we no say "freeways")

... and coffee

... the capitol

... and cool stuff like old bridges

and cow-stuff

real cheese

ice cream


lunch in plainfield, vt

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