Tuesday, January 21, 2014

oh 2014 @SFSketchfest

I spent my Christmas money ... BEFORE I got Christmas money, and I have no regrets. 

Now I am trying to figure out how I am going to spend my tax refund before I get a refund (I hope), for other shows. RIGHT?! ... Time to reminisce about 2012, wonder about 2013, and share how I spent my Sunday morning, December 15, rapid-firing ticket purchases.

2012 SF Sketchfest

Fun times with my friend Joel, aka Gadgetman, for whom I gifted him tickets. We saw The Nerdist Podcast - hosted by Chris Hardwick with Matt Mira - and they signed the TARDIS scarf I got Joel.
more about this over here
The podcast special guest was Dan Harmon - a VERY DRUNK Dan Harmon. (Uhm ... that podcast did NOT air, but it was fun enough.) 

On the morning after, I looked like this - GOOD TIMES! Memorialized via xojane's morning faces, with other participants' pictures over here!
more about this over here

2014 SF Sketchfest

In 2013, I  went to several shows; however, for whatever reason, I didn't do a blog post. Oh well. So what's up for the next couple of weeks? Here we go in no special order ...
... and are there other shows I want to see? Yes. So how do I choose among where my greens go? -

Shows? Shoes? Parking? 
Retail therapy hat shopping? 
SF food truck stuff? 
Sundries/Hygiene products? 
More shows?

(I should see Rob Corddry, right?!)

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