Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the oracle on #dating (?)

New Year with the Oracle ... Since 2000, I have known the Oracle.  "Congrats, Oh Mighty Oracle, for your MBA-ness!"

For more than a decade, the Oracle has provided intellectual banter, often about business development, yet regularly relating to professional and personal development. Past mouth-spew-wisdom has been featured in a previous post over here.

Oracle Favorites

A few of my fave wisdom words include -
  • right is always right; not simply when it's obvious or convenient. 
  • no one wins a race to the moral bottom. 
  • you are the sole architect of your fortune ... and misfortune.
  • creativity is intrinsically hard to manage, but there is an essential paradox whereby enough process must be introduced so that creativity is balanced by a certain level of accountability. 

Economics and On-Line Dating

Earlier this week, we caught up on what's what, including chats about holiday activities, family, work, etc. Virtual "high five" for the Oracle's MBA (and more free time)!

Because I turned 50 this past year, I mentioned that I have agreed to try an on-line dating site - - that markets to those 50 years and older. (OH! THE REALITY OF LIFE!) I have yet to post a profile.
Immediately, the Oracle mentioned a Bloomberg Surveillance clip came to mind - a clip of a Stanford professor interviewed on Bloomberg TV over here on How Economics Can Help Find Love Online. Paul Oyer wrote a book - Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Economics I Learned from Online Dating - with an overview over here and a companion video (below).

enjoy this clip from Stanford Business (over here)

y'know ... i'm just thinking 
it's about fish in a barrel -
being a truthful fish in a barrel
(is that an economics thing?)



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