Tuesday, October 16, 2012

oh my #fluevog love

thanks to joanne
who started something special for the Fluevog IV.

we are celebrating our Fluevog love as 
the MotleyFlue at 
For the Love of Vogs
it all began in May 2011 on Haight Street
L-R: Dorothy, Gladys, Joanne, Shirley

here's my "about" bio ...

Name: Shirley R

Moniker: The Cubevologist

Flue-sona: "The Madam"

Shirley proudly admits to being rightfully blamed by Joanne for bringing Fluevogs into our closets, hallways, and shoe racks. Shirley has recruited those who have found another way of life for their feet. As the oldest (and therefore "The Madam") of the MotleyFlue, she will hit the half-century mark in 2013. Who knows? Will she celebrate her 50th birthday with a 50th pair of Fluevogs? If so, she'll be picking up the pace, given she tallied up 23 pairs when she turned 48 yrs old. While the MotleyFlue's beginnings may be attributed to Shirley, in late 2008 her friend Kate served as her guide  to the Haight Street store; Kate kindly entertained hastily heading to the Haight after a day in cubeopolis. Shirley's virgin voyage was celebrated with a pair of Fellowship | Kathy and with a pair of Operetta | Malibran the very next day. She would later learn about the phenomenon the MotleyFlue have coined as Fluegasm. And she has not looked back!

Meanwhile, as "The Madam" of the MotleyFlue, Shirley also calls herself the "Anthrocubeologist" - passionate about discovering how peer-to-peer interactions can affect workspace cultural shifts (and vice versa). Sure she holds a degree in chemical engineering, but who says the left brain can't meet the right brain?! As a workspace explorer, storyteller, catalyst, improv performer, randomness connector, and servant leader, Shirley often wonders - can the workspace become a playspace simply one Fluevog pair at a time? Join her as the cubevologist, smiling at her Fluevog-donned feet while making others smile.

On style: "Born among the tail end of the Baby Boomers and beginning of Gen X, and working among Gen Y Millenials and Gen Z Digital Natives,  my style is as varied as the generations - choosing from what's comfortable and timeless. I keep my dry cleaning bill to a minimum. Iron clothes? Meh. Steam clothes? Here and there. Wearable off the clothesline or out of the dryer? Preferred. And while I grew up with Glamour's Do's and Don'ts, am a believer in Tim Gunn's 10 Essentials, and get excited when Stacy and Clinton of What Not To Wear have tips for the curvy and petite, none of these have taught me what my MotleyFlue have - enjoy dressing from your Fluevogs up, treat yourself to fun pairs of socks and tights, and remember your feet deserve style, as well."

What I look for in a Fluevog: "It's all about the Fluegasm. Four characteristics intersect to create that special moment when I know a pair(s) of Fluevogs will come home with me - (1) my Greek feet are nicely accommodated, (2) Percy Jr. (a bunion on my left foot) is not cranky, (3) the shoes/boots add more color and texture for my feet-wearing options, and (4) when I look down at my Fluevog-wearing-feet, I am always in a better mood. Comfort, happiness, and a little biofeedback kickstart are what Fluevogs offer me.  Admittedly, I own shoes and boots from other designers that also offer comfort and happiness; however, it is far and few between that they are mood changers.  Simply put, everyone deserves a Fluegasm."

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