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short form #improv show

a little lovin' from performers and guests
after sept 9 MUT short form improv show
yes, again! ... TOMORROW, october 14 at 8 pm in fremont.
  • where: made up theatre - 3392 seldon court, which is off of osgood road (near fry's).
  • when: sunday, october 14
    • door opens at 7:30 pm.
    • show begins at 8:00 pm
      (pretty promptly) 
    • the show will run for ~60 minutes
  • how much: $5 per person (cash or credit card) - great deal!

since our july 29 and september 9 shows, we have been learning and playing more short form improv - games, punny and clever stuff, exercises, and just plain quick fun. take a sunday evening break before your work week begins on monday - - - bring your suggestions and have some fun!

sunday night short form ... while there are many short form games we have learned (check out this MEATY LIST back in july), we've continued to learn many more. with a ~ 60 min. show, there's a couple handful of games the eleven (11) of us will be performing.

show host!
who's performing which games? ... we have been told this much - there will be at least 10 games and a certain amount of people will play in a given game. a quote from sean (our instructor and show's host) - 
"i will announce the performers on the fly,  so be ready for all of the games."
- so for a refresher for fellow performers, here are the games and the number of players for each.

for guests of the show - feel free to skip the description and just come an enjoy! or maybe you want a sneak peek description-ish ...

MY MOVIE, MY MOVIE (5) - scene game ... players on stage are each chosen by the "producer" to make up a movie title based on an audience suggestion. the goal is for the player to boldly and enticingly state his/her movie, so that it is chosen by the producer. the producer points to one widening the space between his hands which gives that person the go ahead to give a short synopsis of the film. if it sounds like a movie the audience wouldn't want to miss, the producer says, "play it" and the people on stage begin to act it out.

I CAN DO BETTER! (6) - scene game ... two people on stage do a scene, while other players offstage are looking for things in the scene that they can say "I Can Do Better!" The host will say a player's name, and the player will say "I can *VERB* better than *PERFORMER*." The host will either say yes or no. If yes, then the player taps out the performer being replaced and takes on his/her character, then does the *i can do better* action.

OSCAR WINNING MOMENT (4) - scene game ... hbased on an audience suggested title for a movie that has never been made, the players act out the scened. during the scene, the "director" calls out a player's name - a player who is bound to win an Oscar for his/her performance in the scene. when selected by the director, the player continues to perform in that scene (with the others) - it's not intended to be a solo performance; it's an opportunity for the player to bring his/her "A game" on - for the Oscar! the director could call on each of the players for different a Oscar.

BLITZKRIEG (4) - guessing game ... similar to 5 things, but this time, movies, tv shows, video games, biblical tales, books, etc. are received. the clue-givers try to put the guesser in these things using gibberish and pantomime, until the guesser figures it out and guesses.
    (what's 5 THINGS? guessing game ... one person leaves the room. 5 activities are collected. each activity gets one or two changes, i.e., for baseball, the bat is a jigsaw puzzle and the ball is a chihuahua. the clue-givers use gibberish and pantomime to convey the clues. clue-givers must get the guesser to do the activity before they can do it.)

FOUR SQUARE (4) - scene game ... four players begin with each at the corners of the stage. suggestions for each of the 4 pair combinations are sought from the audience. two-player scenes are performed between the pair of players that is in the front of the stage. each combination of pairs does a short scene based on the suggested words. the host directs the players to rotate (left or right) and the pair at front stage performs their scene (with time having passed).

STAGE DIRECTIONS - scene game ... just like blind line, but actions are obtained, maybe a line of dialogue, too (lines of dialogue would be written like, SAY: "You're fired!") so you do WHAT is written rather than say it (unless it says so). this game is just like blind line; it's now a part of the scene (but it doesn't control the scene).
    (what's BLIND LINE? scene game ... lines of dialogue are collected and written on paper, while the performers are outside. the performers come back in and do a scene. every so often, a performer picks up a line of dialogue, reads it, and incorporates it into their scene.)

TAG TEAM TALE (6) - rotation and scene game ... beginning with 3 players in line (one behind the other) on the left of stage ("left team") and 3 players in line on the right of stage ("right team"), a story (tale) is created by an audience suggestion. the 1st person on left team begins to tell a story, while the 1st person on right team mimes the story in the middle of the 2 teams. when the 2nd person on the left team taps the 1st person who has started the story, the 2nd person takes the 1st person's place in line (the 1st person goes to the end of the left team line) and continues the story, while the right team person continues to mime. when the show host signals to 'switch', the left team assumes the role of the right team ... that is - a right team person continues to tell the story and a left team player continues to mime the story. and the fun is in the crazy story telling and switching!

STRING OF PEARLS (all) - scene game ... we'll be split up into two teams. one team will do the "string of pearls" narration, and the other will then act it out. then our host will switch our roles so each team gets to narrate and do a scene.  HOW will the "string of pearls" team start out? all will start off in the back. with an audience suggestion, one person walks at the front of stage and contributes a sentence about a story that eventually will be performed. another team member steps forward with another sentence - standing to the left or right of the first person. at the point, the two people say their sentence in the order of LEFT to RIGHT - as if left is near the beginning of the story and right is toward the end. a third person joins with a sentence to contribute to the story and can even wedge in between those already on the front of stage. EACH TIME a person delivers his/her line, all those in the front of stage say their lines in order of left to right. this continues until all team members are on stage, with a full story described. then the second team does a scene inspired by the "string of pearls."

ANIMATRONIC JAMBOREE (all) - guessing game ... think disneyland - it's a small world, pirates of the caribbean, etc. one person leaves the room, and a suggestion is given (e.g., movie, television show, etc.). each player assumes a position on stage that would make up the scene of that suggestions - a person or object. starting of "powered down" ("OFF" position), the guesser comes back into the theatre. the host "powers up" the players for a bit - moving in animatronic style - and then the host powers down the players. then the guesser is to guess the scene. if guessed correctly, one by one (or by two), the host powers up the players for the guesser to state what/who the player was in the scene until all players have been guessed.

ENDING GAMES (all) - speed game ... these are quick clever-line names that are based on an audience suggestion. we may do 1, we may do a few, ... we just don't know. it'll be a SURPRISE!
  • 185 ... with an audience suggestion, a player says "185 *BLANKS* walk into a bar, and the bartender says "We don't serve *BLANKS,* so the 185 *BLANKS* say PUNCHLINE."
  • NO YOU DIDN'T ... with an audience suggestion, a player says "i kissed a *BLANK*" and other performers chime in "OH NO YOU DIDN'T? and the player says "yeah, then PUNCHLINE." 
  • LAST ACTION JOKE ... with an audience suggestion, a player faces the audience, "kills" someone with the suggestion, and gives a cheesy action hero line. 
  • WORLD'S WORST ... with an audience suggestion, and you provide the world's worst example of that suggestion. 
  • HEY WAITER ... an audience member is seated onstage as a customer, and each player comes up to him/her. the audience member says, "Hey Waiter, there's a *BLANK* in my soup." You respond with a punchline.
  • MORNING COMMUTE ... with an audience suggestion, each player mimics driving a car and makes (yells, belt's out, ...) a "morning commuter" statement 
  • BACK IN MY DAY ... with an audience suggestion, a player says something similar to - "back in my day, we didn't have no *BLANKS*. if we wanted  *BLANKS*, we'd say PUNCHLINE."

ANY MORE? . . . not for sunday night's show. just for the record, in addition to the list over here and what has been shared above, we did learn a few others. YES! REALLY - 
    . halloween
    . fortune teller 
    . da do run run
    . debate
    . shakespeare switch
    . valley girl/shakespeare switch
and while couple of these were performed at our september 9 show, who knows what'll be next?!

see you sunday (tomorrow, 10/14) at 8 pm, perhaps.
  • where: made up theatre - 3392 seldon court, which is off of osgood road (near fry's).
  • when: door opens at 7:30 pm - - show begins at 8:00 pm (until ~ 9 pm)
  • how much: $5 per person (cash or credit card) 

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