Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PR epi10 - nutkin'rs picks & scores

#ProjectRunway ... (SPOILER) here are episode 10 results - the chosen few picks, episode results, and scores heading into episode 11. recap links will be MAY BE are posted by those i mentioned in the first post over here. let's just get to the resulting scores ...

who retained all his original picks?
zoe's buddy garnering 2.5 points which he donated to himself - for 1st place.
without those points, 2nd place harold's girl would have been 1st.
who wants shiny penny to beat zoe's buddy?
5th place pho queen moved shiny penny into 3rd place by donating 2.5 points.
squirrel is in 4th getting ready for her strategery.

fashion week offerings ... once again, here are the designers' offerings compiled by tom and lorenzo's project runway recaps. those that have been AUF'd are ... well, in strikethrough. (avert your eyes)
Collections for: Sonjia | Ven 
Collections for: Fabio | Gunnar | Melissa

episode 10 - the  rockettes challenge ... designers were asked to design a rockette outfit (... remember the past seasons similar challenges - figure skating, something with prom dress, blah-blah?)
there were MANY special quotes ... but
6 designers remaining
50% of these peeps will NOT be in the final 3

the chosen few ... for epi9, here are each nutkin'rs' predictions, point system explained in this post over here, and the added scoring of
  • ADD 1 point for each correct top3 and for each correct bottom3; predict all 3 in a category, ADD 2 points.
  • SUBTRACT 0.50 point for each reverse top3 or bottom3 pick.
  • ADD 1.5 points if kept original season winner; ADD 1.0 points if kept original season final 3.
thank goodness this was ANOTHER  normal episode - with top3, bott3, and one AUF'd (and what an AUF it was). here are some highlights of picks -
  • shiny penny earned 5 points for top3 picks, received 2.5 points from pho queen, and had zero (0) negative points (!!!)
  • pho queen decided to give 2.5 points to shiny penny, just because.
  • zoe's buddy moved into first, mainly because of keeping his original picks, otherwise, without the 2.5 points, he would've been 1 point behind harold's girl
  • oh harold's girl, you have been on a steady course in 1st or 2nd place for most of this season - impressive.
  • squirrel is just glad she chose well for the episode's AUF'der.

standings after episode 10 ... the 1st place tie has been broken with harold's girl hopping over zoe's buddy, and pho queen holds down the fort with the other side of the anchor for 5th place. and once again, squirrel and shiny penny dance around 3rd and 4th, respectively. we have a 13 point spread.
  • zoe's buddy + 7.5 +2.5 - 0.5  = + 9.5 points for  1st place (last wk 2nd) with 58.25
  • harold's girl + 6 - 0.5 = + 5.5 points for 2nd place (last wk 1st) with 56.75 
  • shiny penny + 11.5 + 2.5  = + 14 points for 2rd place (last wk 4th) with 54.75
  • squirrel + 7 - 1 = + 6 points for 4th place (last wk 3rd) with 50.50
  • pho queen + 5 - 2.5 - 1 = + 1.5 points for 5th place (last wk 5th) with 39.75
tomorrow for epi11... i will survey out this evening. not sure how to approach scoring for top3 and bot3, thinking i should do something different.

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