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PR epi9 - nutkin'rs picks & scores

#ProjectRunway ... (SPOILER) here are episode 9 results - the chosen few picks, episode results, and scores heading into episode 10. recap links will be MAY BE in a separate post. let's just get to the resulting scores ...
WHOA!!! it's a 13 point spread.
1st place harold's girl with zoe's buddy just 2.5 behind
then the pack behind - squirrelshiny pennypho queen

fashion week offerings ... thanks to tom and lorenzo's project runway recaps, here are the designers' fashion week runway offerings.
Collections for: Sonjia | Ven 
Collections for: Fabio | Gunnar | Melissa
Collections for: Christopher, Dmitry, Elena
(really, some of you all?! okay.)

episode 9 - the  HP Intel print challenge, aka"textile-heritage-spigot-of-tears" challenge ... designers were asked to design a textile representing something about them. (question for lifetime/project runway ... was this suppose to be where we were to warm-up to the designers, as if each has a heart and is likable? i'm not falling for it. NO VEN, i will not like you.)  nevertheless, surprisingly, i must admit that some of dmitry's side bar comments were a bit ringtone-worthy statements.

here are a few words/descriptors uttered about designers' prints ... vibrant, traditional, penis, vagina,  crazy, cowboy handkerchiefs, tropical, kindergarten doodle, copulation, crazy table cloths, an homage to a menstrual cycle, maxi-pads, a scrub (nurse), sheet of bird postage stamps, ... 

7 in 10 of 10
7 designers heading into episode 10 of season 10
the chosen few ... for epi9, here are each nutkin'rs' predictions, point system explained in this post over here, and the added scoring of
  • ADD 1 point for each correct top3 and for each correct bottom3; predict all 3 in a category, ADD 2 points.
  • SUBTRACT 0.50 point for each reverse top3 or bottom3 pick.
thank goodness this was just a normal episode - with top3, bott3, and one AUF'd, otherwise the math gets funky, and i have to make up more scoring rules. here are some highlights of picks -
  • only 1 nutkin'r - appears to have deja vu moments, with harold's girl choosing all top3. on top of that, ALL positive points.
  • last week's tied for 1st each predicted a winner or a loser. 
  • only 1 nutkin'r had it out for gunnar in the all the pair 'em ups 
  • no one lost points for the bottom3
  • all final 3 are in tact, where one nutkin'r got luck that his bonus 4th is still in the game
episode 9 predictions and results
standings after episode 9 ... the 1st place tie has been broken with harold's girl hopping over zoe's buddy, and pho queen holds down the fort with the other side of the anchor for 5th place. and once again, squirrel and shiny penny dance around 3rd and 4th, respectively. we have a 13 point spread.
  • harold's girl + 11 = + 1 points for 1st place (last wk 1st tie) with 51.25 
  • zoe's buddy + 9 - 0.5  = + 8.5 points for  2nd place (last wk 1st tiewith 48.75
  • squirrel + 10 - 0.5 = + 9.5 points for 3rd place (last wk 4th) with 44.50 
  • shiny penny + 6 - 0.5 = + 5.5 points for 4th place (last wk 3rd) with 40.75
  • pho queen + 6 - 0.5 = + 5.5 points for 5th place (last wk 5th) with 38.25 
next week epi10 ... nutkin'rs can change their winner, fan fave (need to pick one), and final 3 without subtracting any points.  
epi10 ...
odd (and prime) number designers left
and REMINDER to check out collections
Collections for: Sonjia | Ven 
Collections for: Fabio | Gunnar | Melissa
Collections for: Christopher | Dmitry | Elena

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