Sunday, September 16, 2012

dear #gamification12

THAT(!) will never happen again. yeah, THAT! my wondering whether i submitted my written assignment a hair early or a hair late.

and in fact, i missed my 7:30 pm advanced short form improv class this evening mainly because i VERY NAIVELY believed (at 2:00 pm) that i would cobble together within 4-hours a responsive 500 words (maximum) for the second written assignment of coursera's gamification course. not so much. i had more than enough words, and it was the trimming down that got me flustered beginning at ~ 8:52 PM. (i haz a sad.) and in fact, as part of the process for submitting the assignment, there is a clear reminder on the course website-
"If you do not submit your work before the deadline, you will not be allowed to evaluate the work of your peers and your own work will not be evaluated. Don't wait until the last minute, in case you have unforeseen problems such as power outages. Note that after you submit, you can still make changes and re-submit as long as it's before the deadline -- so submit early."
my unforeseen problem? ... not being able to predict the future. nevertheless, shortly, i will know by 11:59 PM this evening (tick-tock) whether i pressed that all important button early enough to have my assignment evaluated.
(that all important button)
and if not, i'll look forward to writing a kick-ass assignment #3 to make up my score on the 1,500 word (maximum) written assignment due september 30th. (tick-tock)

(12:05 AM, Sept 17)
this means i was a hair line on time.

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