Monday, October 15, 2012

thanks @madeuptheatre

for #improv fun ... our group had our second show (sunday, 10/14) for this round of the advanced short form class.
  • back row - andrew
  • middle row - nick, tanu, shirlnutkin, jessica
  • front row - kyle, karin, jenn, jacob
  • not pictured - dan, patrick

oopsie! took pictures too late after the show so two of our players are missing. also, i missed buddy MUTr kate who wasn't able to make out, but BIG HUGS to her. this is the first time she and i have not been in a show together since starting out at MUT.

thanks for coming out ... was great to see first-timers julie (from endgames) and jasmine come out to MUT, and it's always a treat to see gadgetman joel.

the games we played ...
as shared over here in much more detail, we played the following games and had the following fun, as much as i can still remember ...

  • my movie, my movie ... titles of movies created based on audience suggestions, with a scene based on the selected movie synopsis - including a scene built on the suggestion canada and and on the suggestion quinoa (and i'm thinking there was another one, also)
  • i can do better ... with a scene that began with the audience suggestion of running
  • oscar winning moment ... fabulous scenes that are a must see for each player's oscar winning scenes!
  • blitzkrieg ... with 7 (seven) things including - pulp fiction, friends, super mario brothers, cain & able, green eggs and ham, psycho, and the big bang theory (got 3 out of 7- oh well, it was all about the fun!)
  • four square ... with audience suggestions that included cafe, bathroom, space station, and gym (oh, what a bathroom!)
  • stage directions ... quite fun suggestions including - entering with a cartwheel, karate chop, and speaking in an eastern block country accent
  • tag team tale ... who would have thought a story would emerge about a hunter with a change of heart toward wallabees, a little cave searching, and a witch that cast a special spell
  • string of pearls ... scenes created that involved a nascent building and godzilla and another scene that involved a car that burped
  • animatronic jamboree ... simply put, the matrix was the suggestion (ya had to be there to see the mr. smiths and the matrix/computer screen - priceless) 
  • ending games ... rounded out the evening with back in my day and no you didn't.
once again,
thanks MUT for keeping up the fun!

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