Monday, June 14, 2010

f|back (sept '08): friday's fish & chips

as if it were yesterday ... i remember the yippity-yap over sweet potato fries with co-workers. we'd head over to zebulon (to be relocated) for an excuse for the fries. yum! i recently reminisced about this with a friend affectionately known as friday fish & chips (ff&c) gal. i can't believe this was nearly 2 years ago - my how time flies! (pass the malt vinegar, please.)

(repost 09/05/08)

fish & chips (?!)
aka ff&c)

several weeks ago ... here's how we rolled in san francisco on ff&c.

when it comes to chips, it's about the sweet potato fries. (apologies to the english pubs). unfortunately, even with almost traditional f&c, shoestring fries were offered up. perhaps we would have sought the traditional f&c, but we were hungry, and this place is close to work. (and actually, we just weren't quite sure where to get good ol' traditional fish & chips nearby work. NOTE TO SELF: yelp.)

as for our ff&c sistah peeps over in phoenix, az ... they roll with the real stuff!!!

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