Friday, June 11, 2010

r|thoughts: about "my foreigner" ...

(repost from 05/07/2007 comment on story)
well, well, well-I think I'm more shocked that you haven't felt this ignorance that people have towards us (filipino woman) before this event, or have you? I mean, I cried a little at the end because you're writing is beautiful (you should send this on to a publication/magazine-Oprah would be a good one). But my outrage turned to contempt, a feeling I've had before when I've encountered this ignorance.

I think you can't assume that people will understand that you are not a foreigner. They look at you and see something else, because you're cute, exotic, different, etc. They see you from a perspective that we (filipino woman) never see.

I'm an American, born in Rhode Island, raised in a pretty american culturized environment. I've been told by caucasian men, that I don't talk like a filipino (whatever that means). I tell them what does that mean? I was born and raised here. Why would I talk like someone from the Philippines? Because of how I look, girlnutkin. People make assumptions (I am included) of other people based on how they look, not what actually is.

This event is empowering because you may have changed how you perceive people's perception of you. You are now in a place, have the opportunity, to use this to your advantage. I mean, I like to think that once someone gets to know you, they look past how you look. And admire you for who you are, what you do, how you think. I think that guy, those guys, those people will always underestimate the strenth that comes from being systematically lumped into a category that no one really fits into(foreigner)-if anything, you come away from those relationships, those encounters knowing that you are more than how you look...and that guy is just an ass...philosophically speaking!

-kim in sd

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