Thursday, June 10, 2010

(repost from 05/07/2007 comment on story)

i was having a chat with my good pal, c, and she brought up a hopeful concept.

i don't see myself as being political, mostly because i think politics = a game where no rules ARE the rules, and it's okay to lie and cheat. not the kind of game i want to play.

but if you look at ignorance in a general sense, most of it comes from a time when people lived comfortably in that ignorance. just because the laws changed doesn't mean that people changed. but generations that followed were educated and cultured, and have grown to understand so much more than those that came before us---about being human and respectful.

the people that still have left-over prejudices will soon be wearing big-people nappies, and drooling on themselves, while clearer hearts will be in positions of power. i'm not saying that politics will turn fair quickly---or at all---i'm just saying that there's hope for a younger brand of wisdom to make it thru the muck of mediocrity, and steer this country to smarter, kinder, better ways.

while it sucks you went thru captain cardboard's twisted imposed pocket-reality, it is kinda good you didn't do something insane-O like marry the guy before finding out something so fundamental.

i once had a yuck i almost married. i thank God every day that he morphed into a total shit and left me. whew! dodged a bullet!

your beauty and wonder are properties of YOU. don't let mr. mcSleeze occupy another second of your time. you've been set free! even the universe knew he wasn't good enough for you. - k

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