Thursday, May 9, 2013

got blog(s)? time for me to reboot

yes, i have blogs to which i contribute - over at shirlnutkin, anthrocubeology, and for the love of vogs - however, it turns out i have been bloggity-blog-blog remiss. i have been incubating.

during a little furlough (2 hours only) last week, i realized it's time to exercise my fingers and (re)regroup. and for today's furlough time ...

... this is my reboot. i am regrouping with a dash of globalniche.

remiss blogs & math ... three blogs and nineteen posts since september 2012 ... WTF?! i have been a bit remiss with my writing - at shirlnutkin with seven posts since the beginning of the year, a total of six posts at anthrocubeology since september 2012, and six posts at for the love of vogs since generalissima joanne created our blog in october 2012. geez! i wrote daily with reverb10 in december 2010.

regrouped in feburary ...  i posted about regrouping 2013 refresh and reignite, where i shared my mash-up of
bringing together my practices of your heart's desire, tiny habits, and 3 words.

globalniche ... it's early may, and my previous blog post was in late march. in late march, i shared a part of my experience with GlobalNiche, the SUM-it UP 6 week program that i began. (thanks to the suggestion of pamela). what an on-going and welcomed whirlwind experience that has continued to inspire me.

pensive, incubating shirlnutkin ... i get pensive, REALLY pensive. and i dream alot, where my dreams are pretty fun, crazy, vivid, and even telling of some solution to a problem i've been pondering.  during these times, i surprise myself with something(s) that just pop out. it's like a bunch of creative juices bubbling to the top. perhaps it's because of incubation, as described here at psychology today's enhancing creative incubation -
"Ideas come at these surprising times because of incubation—when you take time off from work, it frees up your conscious mind and allows your subconscious mind to “incubate” on the problem."
- and from a recent podcast, it's time to "GET ON WITH IT" - as nicely stated advice to sugata mitra, which he shared in his TED talk ... within a different context ... however it is still all about creating!

incubating shirlnutkin
with GlobalNiche support
(puffy heart)

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