Monday, March 18, 2013

6 wks of shirlnutkin ...

@AnastasiaAshman & @TaraAgacayak
... with @GlobalNiche because @zibbyz cares.

checking-in ... just a quick check-in as i am rounding out week 4 with GoldenNiche and an awesome SUM-it UP study group (which lasts for 6 weeks). and when i say quick check-in, i mean checking-in to share thoughts and experiences of where i have been in my progress. the 6 week study group proceeds with a meaty and beefy step each week -

  • your vision & goals: describe your ideal life
  • your platform: evaluate your current platform 
  • your content: inventory all you've created
  • your integration: use your content in your platform
  • action plan: draw up the steps
  • implementation: get into action

these steps are progressive, building upon one another. in theory, this weekend i would be collecting my badge for step 4 (presuming i have completed step 4). well, i have not (yet), and i have been nursing step 3 for almost two weeks. the great thing about the study group is the on-going feedback and support. and this evening, both anastasia's and tara's comments included the following -
You can always, always come back to any of the steps. The intention for this study group is to move you through them in six weeks so you experience them together. ... don't feel PRESSURED. Keep it light. You can always come back. :)  
... moving through the steps at a fast pace is a way to float above it rather than get mired in one step and never be heard from again.
badge me soon ... this evening, i will collect my badge for week 3, and right behind that after jumping into step 4, badge me again.

thoughts and experiences ... as i chug along in steps 3 and 4 - and head into step 5, i definitely like the organized approach and thought process of globalniche.

getting the vision/goals into action is very reminiscent of what i had experienced and accomplished back in the '90s when i had started a consulting practice. in fact, i have become quite nostalgic in the past weeks. the steps so far have been quite the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and psychological exercises! i expect nothing less for the continued weeks and even after the study group.

thank you GlobalNiche
for kickstarting my reconnecting with 

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