Tuesday, March 19, 2013

#improv with UkuleMe and ...

Party Fowl + UkeleMe
stephanie, mike, trevor, shirlnutkin, sean, dean

Party Fowl ... this past saturday evening was the first Illegitimate Improv - conceived, created, and initiated by party fowl's sean stryker. illegitimate improv is a workshop + jam of comedy and improv.

saturday was FUN!

on saturday, several people - comedians, improvisers, improvisers'  friends + family, and friends of friends - got together in san jose.
  • matt curry
  • sean mckenzie
  • party fowl
    • stephanie aguilera
    • mike vallerga
    • trevor merowitz
    • sean stryker
  • ukeleme
    • shirlnutkin
    • dean santiago
games we played ... just by word of mouth and a shared facebook event, we had a nice, fun crowd supporting and playing along. for the first illegitimate improv, improv games included -
  • blind freeze tag
  • new choice
  • do run run (with ukelele + tambourine)
  • blind line 
  • blind line with audience participation
  • i can do better with audience participation
thanks party fowl sean ... for asking if shirlnutkin would like to come out and play. indeed, indeed. and when i saw the event invite stated -
"Other improv artists are encouraged to join us as well as friends, family or anyone who enjoys improv!"
- i thought of dean. he and i were in an improv class late last year with the awesome made up theatre. dean had been talking about getting together and practicing more improv. texts and emails sent over. posed the question. done. and so is the story of ...

... the birth of UkeleMe
dean + shirlnutkin

 thanks party fowl 
for the nudge and hugs!

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