Tuesday, February 19, 2013

archetype you

thanks @CarolineMyss @ArchetypeMe ...   back in the early 1990s, i came across your co-authored book the creation of health. i had an odd inflammation of the eye, and while strolling through the alternative medicine/health section of a book store, i came across your book. since then, i have often gifted copies of the creation of health for friends, as well as chat about the book.

just this weekend, i spoke with a friend about you after she shared with me a book by louise hay. i forwarded her a link to the creation of health description, and then i decided to check out what else you have on the web.

my archetype quiz results ... i am giving ArchetypeMe a whirl. this evening, i took my initial take of the archetype me quiz, which resulted in the following - 

35% intellectual | 22% visionary | 23% creative
20% other (of the remaining 7 archetypes)

my three archetypes are described as -
  • intellectual ... if you're intellectual, you're always seeking knowledge and wisdom. also described in the archepedia as "While intellectuals enjoy giving answers, they delight most in asking questions, either of others or of the universe." (read more here)
  • visionary ... visionary women see important things before others do and make new rules that change the world. also described in the archepedia as "Visionaries don’t mind being misunderstood as long as they get heard eventually." (read more here)
  • creative ... the creative woman lives to express herself and is happiest when she is making something, whether it's a dress, video, novel, song, dessert, or website. also described in the archepedia as "Creative women live to create and express themselves. They’re happiest when they’re making something." (read more here)
- and the other 20% archetypes are characterized as - rebel, athlete, fashionista, queen/executive, advocate, spiritual, and caregiver. 

after reading the curated material of other archetypes, i also enjoyed the following as described in the archepedia -
  • rebel ... "Societal values about how women should behave don’t ruin your fun." (read more here)
  • spiritual ...  if you’re Spiritual, you are drawn to questions of faith and are concerned with consciousness. "Spiritual people rely on their dreams and their senses to understand the kinds of things that many of us don’t see or care to see." (read more here)

what is your archetype?


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    1. Thanks Johan for dropping by. Your note comes at a good time as I have not been blogging much. Much fun as your blog!


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